Future of the CadHut Website

Hi all, I have been using CadHut as a place to drop presentation slides and write HowTo information as I was running the CadHut MeetUp group. I closed the MeetUp group yesterday so that I can focus on dumping knowledge into this site instead. Eventually you’ll have access to the content of dozens of FPGA and ASIC-related talks that I have presented over the past 8 years of hosting CadHut and new stuff too.

There is one major issue in doing this that has never really sat well with me, and that’s the problem of people who copy/paste my work and claim it for themselves. This is why we can’t have nice things. Don’t get me started about AI’s scraping sites and blurting them out verbatim without any attribution back to the individual authors who spend months writing.

My solution? In a few months, this site will switch over to a version where you need to be logged in to read most of the articles. You’ll see the title, you’ll see an intro and some details, but you won’t get everything unless you’re a human, you’ve been approved and logged into the site. The site will remain free (and Ad free) unless the site hosting costs make me change my mind.

I hope to see you on the other side.