Xilinx Releases Vivado 2021.1 as Vivado ML Edition

Vivado 2021.1 came out on June 22nd and it’s got a name change! It’s now called Vivado ML Edition. Standard edition is free (it appears to be the new WebPack) and there’s an Enterprise edition. Major changes can be seen here:
Some very interesting ones are:

  • It has a text editor with Sigasi back-end…
  • Real-time resource usage estimating (I have to see this in action…)
  • New IP core directory structure
  • Uses ML for Synth, P&R to speed things up
  • Xsim simulator now supports VHDL-2008 unconstrained arrays and has code coverage
  • Python API for Chipscope (ChipScopy) – custom debug tools anyone? This has got quite a lot of potential to totally change how we handle debugging.

Registered users, go grab a copy of it here: